There are many conditions that can be helped by Osteopathic treatment. Whilst we treat many patients with back pain and sciatica, many other musculo skeletal problems respond very well to treatment. Neck pain, whether postural, traumatic or related to occupational stress, as well as upper and lower limb problems or sports injuries all respond well to Osteopathic care. Arthritic pain and mobility issues can also be improved with treatment.

Sports Massage Therapy is a form of soft tissue manipulation which is aimed at improving the function of the body. Despite its name, sports massage therapy is not just for athletes but also for recreational exercisers and the general public. The sports massage therapist can use various massage techniques such as deep tissue massage, effleurage, petrissage and trigger point release.

This depends on many factors, including the specific condition and it’s level of chronicity, general health, age, lifestyle and compliance with advice given by your Osteopath. Most patients feel benefit from the first couple of visits, and further treatments are used to address the underlying causes of the problem, and to reduce the likelihood of recurrence. Treatments will usually be gradually spaced out as a treatment programme progresses, to provide lasting relief.

The length of time a problem will normally take to respond to treatment will be discussed with you by your Osteopath.

Treatment is non invasive and usually pain free, though some techniques can be briefly uncomfortable. The Osteopath can give you advice on pain management, such as the use of exercises or stretches, or whether ice packs or heat can be beneficial. Some relief from pain is often felt after a patient’s first treatment.

Generally appointments last for around 30 minutes, although an initial consultation can sometimes take up to 45 minutes.

The initial appointment is £55 and all subsequent appointments are £45

Our treatment is covered by most private medical insurance policies, but it is best to check with your insurance provider first, as some policies may have exemptions. We generally ask patients to settle their accounts at the time of treatment, and will provide a fully itemised receipt, to ensure that claims can be settled by the policy holder.

We accept all major cards, cash and cheques for payment.

Osteopathy has one of the best safety records of any medically related profession. We are trained to recognise a wide range of conditions, and to make an appropriate referral when a condition is not appropriate for treatment. We are registered and regulated by the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC)

You do not need to be referred to us by your doctor, as we are a private practice. Should it be considered necessary to contact your doctor regarding your condition, this will only be done with your consent.

Please call 01522 532061 to book an appointment. Outside practice hours we have an answerphone, and will call you back as soon as possible.

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